What is A Keto Egg Fast?

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Just like all beginners, I had to ask the first time, what is a Keto egg fast? An Egg Fast or Egg Diet is a 3 to 5-day diet consecutively eating only eggs, healthy fats, and cheese.
This guide will explain, with both video, text and recipes, what the Keto egg fast or Keto diet is, if it's good for you, and how it's done.

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Just like all beginners, I had to ask the first time, what is a Keto egg fast? An Egg Fast or Egg Diet is a 3 to 5-day diet consecutively eating only eggs, healthy fats, and cheese.


After losing 50 pounds on keto myself, I’m a believer of the power of eggs.

This guide will explain, with both video, text and recipes, what the Keto egg fast or Keto diet is, if it’s good for you, and how it’s done. 

What Can You Eat on an Egg Fast?

The perfect egg fast consists of eggs and butter with a ratio of two tablespoons of butter for every four eggs. This creates the perfect ketogenic macros.

Keto Coach Lori Ballen

Some people like to add cheese to their egg fast. You can do this with a ratio of 1 oz. of cheese for every 4 eggs. 

Some say 6 eggs per day should be a minimum in this fast and suggest 1 tablespoon of healthy-fat (butter or cheese from grass-fed cows) for each egg. 

You’ll find variations of the diet, rules. and best practices. While I found things in common doing my research, there was much debate around what the exact egg fast is. 

Are Eggs Good For Ketosis?

Yes. Eggs are good for ketosis in general.

Eggs are a very popular Keto food although some adopt a dairy-free ketogenic lifestyle.

One large egg contains 13 essential vitamins our bodies need for proper nutrition. They are a perfect fat to protein ratio.

Eggs are one of the few foods that naturally have vitamin D without adding to them. 

Eggs are full of antioxidants. 

Can You Lose Weight Only Eating Eggs?

Yes. You can lose weight on an egg diet. 

Although results will vary from person to person, many have had great results with the egg fast. 

You’ll be eliminating carbs and probably creating a calorie deficit at the same time. When you eat fewer calories than you burn naturally or by adding exercise, you’ll often lose weight

4 Eggs, 1 Tablespoon of Butter and 1 Oz of Cheese is going to be around 600 calories. If you eat this same meal twice, you would be eating 1200 calories that day. And if you burn 1500, you would have a 300 calorie deficit

There are many devices, watches and bands that can help you add up the calories that your body burns in a day.  You can see those here.

Keep in mind that if you don’t already have a good routine, such as the Keto Diet, you may just put that weight right back on once your fast is over. 

Is the Egg Diet Safe?

The Egg Diet: Is it Safe to Eat ONLY Eggs on a Keto Diet? – Thomas DeLauer

If you are into science, take a listen to Thomas Delauer as he talks about Omega 6 and eggs and how they may increase inflammation

In this video, you’ll learn that the popular assumption that the egg fast will raise a dangerous amount of cholesterol is not really true.  When we digest more cholesterol, our bodies will produce less to balance it.

How Many Eggs Can You Eat In A Day?

How May Eggs Can I Eat Per Day – Dr. Berg

 There are some “egg fasters” that are taking in as many as 2 dozen eggs per day! 

If you are going to dive into a massive quantity of eggs, be sure to select the highest and best form of eggs you can get your hands on. 

One thing you may need to watch out for is a response to sulfur. If your body has enough sulfur and digests a large quantity of the sulfur in eggs, you could get an undesired reaction in the form of gas. Nobody wants that!

Which Eggs are Best on the Egg Diet?

The best eggs for your egg diet or egg fast are pasture-raised, organic eggs.

Many people are confused by the terms smacked on the side of an egg carton that give us the impression that their eggs are somehow healthier. 

I’ve fallen prey to this myself. 

Here are some quick explanations of the living situations of these Hens which make up the egg types. Clearly, the key is in what they eat. 

  • Caged: These are hens that are fully caged and do not get to go out at all.  90% of eggs are from caged hens. 
  • Cage-Free: A slightly lesser evil cousin of the caged version, cage-free hens are kept in small spaces in barns and live on corn or soy. 
  • Free-Range: Free-range hens often are fed a corn or soy diet. They typically still only get to wander over about 2 square feet.

  • Pasture-Raised: These are your hens that live on a more natural diet of food that find in the ground. These hens are typically let out in the early morning and just around or after sunset.

Check for pasture raised hen eggs in a health food or farm near you. 

If the hens are not pasture raised, you can look for grass-fed, range-free eggs.

Take Aways

  • The Egg Fast can help you lose weight
  • This diet consists of a ketogenic formula with ideal macros
  • A typical meal is 4 eggs, 1 tablespoon of butter and 1 oz of cheese
  • A meal is generally around 600 calories
  • It lasts 3-5 days most often
  • It’s healthiest with organic, pasture free eggs 
  • Eating 8 or more eggs is generally not a problem unless your body reacts in a negative way to the sulfur which can cause gas.

Lori Ballen Keto Coach

Lori Ballen is a certified Keto Coach who helps others lose weight through the ketogenic diet. After shedding 50 pounds in 6 months, she became passionate about helping others. She Created a Keto Course based on her personal experience.

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