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My Weight Loss

Before and After Keto weight loss Lori Ballen 200 pounds and 150 pounds

Here’s the path I took on my journey through weight loss to goal weight. This might help you understand more of the process:

Jan 1: 198.8 Pounds
Jan 8: 195.6 Pounds
Jan 17: 191 Pounds J
an 23: 185.8 Pounds
Jan 30: 180 Pounds
– First Month: -18.8 Pounds

Feb 3: 181.3 Pounds (UP! (Alcohol)
Feb 8: 180.3 Pounds
Feb 11: 178.8 Pounds (burning fat again)
Feb 25: 175.3 Pounds
– 2nd Month: – 6 Pounds

March 7: 175 Pounds
March 14: 173 Pounds
March 21: 171.3 Pounds
March 27: 168.4 Pounds (Fat burning machine)
March 31: 167.3 Pounds
– 3rd Month:- 7.7 Pounds

April 1: 167.3 Pounds
April 6: 165.3 Pounds
April 16: 158.7 Pounds (9 pounds in 2 weeks post surgery!)
April 23: 158.3 Pounds (stalled for a week)
April 30: 155.5 Pounds
– Month 4: – 12 Pounds!

Set a goal for a healthy 2 pounds a week and be OK with the fluctuations that come with life and nature!

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What Is Keto

Ketosis, or “keto”, is a natural state for the body in which it becomes almost completely fueled by fat through eating a ketogenic diet: low carb, moderate protein, lots of healthy fats.

As babies, we are all born in a state of ketosis and remain that way until we begin eating solid foods (breast milk is almost entirely fat!)

We also dip into a state of ketosis when we enter prolonged periods of not eating, or fasting, including while we are asleep.

It is highly likely that you wake up in a ketogenic state!

While in ketosis, the body is producing ketones.  These small molecules are used as fuel when we have depleted our glucose (a.k.a. blood sugar) supply.  Ketones are produced in the liver, from fat, as we eat very few carbs and a moderate amount of protein.  The entire body – including the brain – consumes ketones as fuel.

Fun fact: the brain can ONLY run on one of two fuel sources: glucose or ketones.  It’s a common misconception that the brain needs carbs.  The truth is that carbs are the single macronutrient (there are three: protein, carbs, fat) that we do NOT need, and the brain will happily burn ketones for fuel.

Those of us who follow a ketogenic lifestyle switch our fuel sources back to the way we were born; we run almost entirely on fat.  Insulin hormones dip to low levels and we rapidly burn stored fat for fuel.

Outside of weight loss, we ketonians experience sustained energy, mental focus, exercise endurance, and a bevy of other health benefits such as disease prevention and treatment.

This is not just life-changing, but it is life-SAVING.  I want you to keep that in mind because what you are doing for yourself right now by adopting a ketogenic lifestyle means so much more than a number on the scale.

The easiest thing to do for weight loss accountability is to just jot down whatever you’ve put in your mouth – whether it’s liquid or solid.  Ingredients are important to include those when you’re recording.  Whatever app (or spreadsheet) you want to use to record the foods you eat and the totals is fine. Most of us in the Coaching Program here have adopted MyFitnessPal.

You may not have realized how much you were eating before this – and especially WHAT you were eating, and WHY.  So many times we women eat because of emotions or habits.  Now it’s time to break the cycle and adopt the healthiest lifestyle – both physically and mentally.

Second, we may uncover hidden food sensitivities.  I have seen this many times in women and as soon as we remove the culprit, we unclog the hormonal sink and bust through weight loss plateaus.

Keto Diet Explained
About Lori Ballen Keto Coach
Lori Ballen, who shed 45 pounds herself in 4 months on the Ketogenic Diet, is a Keto Coach helping others like her get healthy, feel younger, and lose weight.

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