Want To Reduce Belly Fat? Do This!

Lori Ballen, Keto Coach, who shed 50 pounds in 6 months in 2018 on the Keto Diet shares her top strategy on reducing belly fat.

Want to see your stomach shrink? DO THIS!

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If you want to lose weight on a ketogenic lifestyle, one of the best things that you can do is stop eating dinner.

Keto Coach Lori Ballen

This is going to sound incredibly foreign to most people, but I will tell you that when you shut off the kitchen, several hours before you go to bed, and no snacking, you’re automatically fasting as soon as you take that last bite of food, those last calories. You have actually begun fasting.

Let’s just say that you eat dinner at 6:00 and you’re done eating by 6:30. Stop eating. Okay? So in that case, you’re actually still getting dinner. Stop eating after that. No snacks, no pie. Don’t go back for anything.

Don’t eat your Keto chocolates, nothing after that, there’s no need. If you’re eating the appropriate meal and you’re getting in high-quality fats, you should be full. And if you’re snacking, that’s probably a mental thing.

You probably have something else going on and giving you that feeling of snacking urge because you shouldn’t be hungry. It’s probably some kind of mental thing you’ve got to get past with the snacking or they having chocolate every night or having something.

If you finish eating at 7PM and then pop a piece of Chocolate at 9PM, You’ve just completely reversed the last two hours of starting that fast and you have to start over again.

I almost never eat after six. It’s a very, very rare thing when I eat after 6:00 PM. When I wake up, my stomach is so flat the next day. I can physically feel that I’m thin.

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When I wake up in the morning, I feel great. I feel light and that is an incredible feeling. 

You might have a bulletproof coffee for breakfast.

In My case, I just have a black coffee and I’m not hungry and then I’ll eat for the first time in the afternoon quite often. If I go to the gym in the morning, I’ll eat something earlier like around 10 or 11 and then if it’s a good breakfast/lunch I may not eat again until dinner.

Today, for example, I went to the gym, I think I went around 9AM. I made Brunch at 11:00 AM. I had no calories from 6:00 PM last night till 11:00 AM today. So that’s a 17-hour fasting window.

For breakfast today, I made three strips of Bacon, 4 eggs, pasture raised, brown organic eggs and I added heavy cream. That’s a healthy fat, heavy cream. I added MCT oil.

That’s another healthy fat. I scramble the eggs in a pan with butter from grass-fed cows and that’s a healthy fat and I top it with cheese from grass-fed cows. That’s another healthy fat. So there’s no way after eating that meal that I’m going to eat again for a while.

I’m not snacking, I’m not touching anything, and then I’ll eat dinner tonight. And then the kitchen is closed after that. If you could do this one thing of simply not eating any snacks after dinner, you’d see results I bet.

Really start focusing on what you’re eating for dinner. Are you getting in those healthy fats? Are you, are you satiated? Are you full?

Nothing gives me the results in my stomach, like skipping dinner (or eating my dinner earlier). I’m getting in all of my calories and all of my macros in my meals and supplements (like my Ket shakes).

I’m excited to see the results you guys are achieving. Keep going. It’s so worth it. Fifty pounds for me in six months and I love coaching all of you guys. I just love it. So if you want to lose weight on the ketogenic diet, consider skipping dinner.

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Lori Ballen, who shed 45 pounds herself in 4 months on the Ketogenic Diet, is a Keto Coach helping others like her get healthy, feel younger, and lose weight.

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