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You will use these macros as a goal to achieve each day on the Keto Way of Eating.

  • Choose an App such as My Fitness Pal
  • Set up your Macros Top Goal is to hit 20 net carbs. (Total Carbohydrate grams – Fiber grams = NET CARBS)
  • Stay within a couple hundred points of your calorie goal, if you are STRICT Keto (counting calories).
  • Don’t overdo the protein unless you are following a specific keto plan that tells you to do that.
  • Oils such as Coconut Oil, Olive Oil, MCT Oil are quick ways to get in a bit more fat.
  • Choose high fiber foods and you will be able to eat more carbohydrates.
  • You must have enough electrolytes in your system: Magnesium, Potassium, and Sodium.

MyFitness Pal Settings

If you are using the desktop version of MyFitnessPal, change the settings to show fiber on the daily diary instead of sugar. Then, your total carbs will show and fiber. Quickly subtract total grams of fiber from total carbs and BOOM = Net Carbs!


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