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Man is standing scratching his head and the words ask how much protein do i need on the keto diet
Use this protein calculator to determine how much protein might be right for you while eating the keto diet.

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The Answer to the question ‘How Much Protein Do I Need On The Keto Diet‘ is debatable.  Most calculators will give you a close estimate. It is very important that you correctly monitor your activities and adjust your protein level where needed.

For example, while I was shedding the pounds (50 pounds in 6 months on Keto), I didn’t work out. I chose sedentary. My calories and macro grams were pretty low. Once I headed back to the gym, I had to increase both.

The ketogenic way of eating suggests that 20-30% of your calories come from protein. If you are working out actively, you will want to be on the higher side of that range. Listen to your body and find what works for you. Just remember that eating Keto does not mean all the meat you eat!

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