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[su_icon icon=”icon: envelope” background=”#660642″ color=”#ffffff” text_color=”#660642″ text_size=”30″]1. Email Confirmation[/su_icon]

Within the next couple of minutes, you’ll receive an email in your inbox to confirm your email address.

This is essential to being able to receive your login credentials in the next step.

[su_icon icon=”icon: pencil” background=”#660642″ color=”#ffffff” text_color=”#660642″ text_size=”30″]2. Waiver Signature[/su_icon]

Once your email has been confirmed, you will receive an email from DocuSign to sign the KetoDays waiver.

This is required before we can give you access to your login credentials and the Facebook group.

Be sure to double check your spam folder, as these emails often like to hide in there.

[su_icon icon=”icon: key” background=”#660642″ color=”#ffffff” text_color=”#660642″ text_size=”30″]3. Login Credentials[/su_icon]

Shortly after confirming your email, you’ll receive an email with your login credentials.

From there, you can request access to our member’s only Facebook group, or wait for our team to send you a request to join the group shortly following the receipt of your login credentials.

[su_icon icon=”icon: question” background=”#660642″ color=”#ffffff” text_color=”#660642″ text_size=”30″]Questions?[/su_icon]

If you have any questions, you may contact our team at

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