Monkfruit Sweetener For Low Carb and Keto Recipes

Have you heard about Monk Fruit for the Keto Diet? It has become very popular among health-conscious eaters? Sit tight, and learn why this sweetener is a thousand times better than the standard table sugar. 

What is Monk Fruit?

Monk fruit is a melon-like fruit that grow on vines and is native to South East Asia—parts of Thailand and China to be precise.

It was first cultivated in the 13th century by the Buddhist Monks and that explains its name. At first, the native Chinese used to drink it as a herbal concoction.

Nowadays it is used as a natural sweetener, which is quite good for people who want to embrace a healthy lifestyle such as those that are ketogenic.

According to FDA, the extract from this fruit can taste 250 times sweeter than the standard table sugar. It integrates chemical compounds known as Mogrosides that give the fruit its characteristics sweetness.

To come up with the Monk fruit extract, you first juice it and process it into crystal form. The fruit usually spoils fast, so you should carry out the process fast after picking.

Due to its high concentration of sugars, some manufacturers tend to combine the extract with different sugars to balance out the intensity.

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Benefits of Monk Fruit as a Keto Sweetener

Lifestyle diseases is the term on everyone’s lips. Standard table sugar had its fair share of blame in the matter for a long time. It is about time we embraced natural sweeteners to keep the doctor away. Probably by now, you have heard the benefits of using Monk Fruit as Keto Sweetener. If not this is why:

  • Zero calories

Everybody wants to keep fit. You can achieve this by limiting calories intake and frequently exercising. Did you know that Monk fruit extract contains no calories? The extract is FDA-approved and comes in handy as an alternative for people on a diet.

  • Zero Carbohydrates

Are you on a low carb or Keto diet? Worry no more, because Monk fruit extract contains no carbohydrates making it the ideal solution.

  • Zero Sugar

When using pure Monk fruit extract, rest assured it would not affect your blood sugar levels making it the ideal choice for diabetics.

  • No Harmful side effects

Probably, you might have come across a person who has undergone food poisoning—it is not a pleasant thing to see. According to FDA, Monk fruit extract can be regarded safe for everybody since it has no detrimental side effects. In fact, according to medical statistics, there is no evidence that this extract as ever harmed anybody.

  • Good for diabetics

First, Mogrosides in the fruit helps in controlling blood sugars levels and complications that arise from the condition. Additionally, since the extract has zero sugars, calories, and carbohydrates then it goes without saying, it is the best option for diabetic people.

  • Antioxidants

Recent studies have shown that Mogrosides has remarkable antioxidant properties in animals. However, it is yet to be proved it has the same effects on humans.

  • Available in multiple forms

Monk fruit sweeteners exist in the market in all manner of forms ranging from powders, granules, to liquids. Some of the products are customized in such a way you can carry them easily throughout the day.

Lakanto Monkfruit Sweeteners

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While Monkfruit in itself is a welcome addition to a Ketogenic lifestyle, some of the packaged items listed below are more low carb than keto based on ingredients. Choose the items that work in your plan.

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Lakanto Monkfruit Bundles

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Keto Foods

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