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Welcome! Congratulations on committing to the Keto Journey. Your transformation begins now. Work at your own pace and walk your own path. It’s YOUR journey.

While I don’t claim to know everything about KETO, I myself, shed 40 pounds in just a few months on the program. I understand the systems, discipline, and focus it takes to succeed in this program.

Look at me as a resource and a guide. What I don’t know, I’ll gather, learn, and share.

I’m not a doctor. This program is not intended to give medical advice. I am resourceful and can quickly access what we need to learn more about the program. I have the ability to take something complicated and break it down into general understanding.

I’m the middleman between you and the doctors and scientists.

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Disclosure: Although I’m not selling anything directly in this group outside of coaching, I often share links to products in my training. Some of these links may benefit me in some way.

Disclosure: As with any diet, fitness, and health program, seek medical advice before and during the program. This is a best practices conversation focused on weight loss, not intended to be medical advice.

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My Advice is that you give this a full 3 month commitment. If, after 3 months, you are not seeing results, then you could be ketosis-resistant or have challenges working the program.

Anything less than 3 months is not really a fair measure of how well your body will respond to the program. In addition, there is a lot to learn here. I’ve created a series of videos and articles that are specifically designed to guide you through the process.

You’ll be getting regular emails with the training you need to succeed in this program. Please read each one and access the links and videos. Like anything else, this is a skill. You must be patient, disciplined, and take the time to learn.

You can also access many of these resources with your members only log in in case you are an advanced learner and eager to get at it. In the members-only section, you’ll also find several Keto guides and several cookbooks to get you started.

Keto in a Nutshell

You will be learning much more about ketosis over the coming months. Tomorrow, we will dive in deeper to what Ketosis means. For today, I want you to take away what the basics are to your eating plan

  • You will eat low carb, moderate protein, high-fat foods
  • The higher in fiber your food is, the more you get to enjoy
  • If you are here to lose weight, I suggest counting calories (strict keto)
  • 5-10% of those calories will be carbs, 20-30% protein, and 65% – 80% Fats
  • Sugar is avoided, yet you will have yummy sweet options as we go
  • Drinking Alcohol, even low carb will set you back on fat burning

Decide on a Start Date

The first of the week or the first of a month is generally the best date to start. If your work starts on Monday, that’s a great day to officially start your new way of eating.

Members in this program each have their own start date and won’t be on the same day, week, or month in the plan. This program is custom to you.

Be careful comparing your results with others in the Facebook Group as there are many factors to why yours might be different.

Choose a Plan:

  • Strict Keto: Counting Calories and Macros
  • Lazy Keto: Not Counting Calories, Still counting Macros
  • Ease into it: Start with 150 carbs a day and adding in KETO foods before truly going, Keto. This is more for those that want to “learn” how to do Keto before going all the way.

Clean out the Pantry

Before your start date, go over the approved Keto Food List and get rid of anything that is not on it. If you have other family members in the home, not on Keto, ask them to be supportive of your choices, and label the foods that you will eat.

Be sure to have various size containers on hand for snacks, leftovers, and meal prep. The better prepared you are, the stronger your chances are of succeeding.

Go Grocery Shopping

The best way to predict the future is to create it. You can help this by being prepared. My personal suggestion is that you avoid too many complications.

In the beginning, you may eat 3 meals. Over time, this will most likely move to 2.

  • Breakfast: Bacon and Eggs (hold the toast and potatoes!)
  • Lunch: BIG Salad with chicken, bacon, avocado, proper veggies and/or nuts, healthy oil or avocado based dressing (example).
  • Dinner: Meat and Veggies such as a Steak and Asparagus.

There are meal plans and recipes in your Members Only Section as well as a general grocery list. I’m working on the macros and grocery lists for the custom meal plans now as well.

Stock Up on Electrolytes

When you remove many foods from your diet, you may immediately take away some of the nutrients you are used to getting. You’ll need to learn which foods to add in and eat more of to find a balance. You can also supplement your diet with powders. They can be expensive. It’s a choice food or supplements, but either way, you must get them in.

  1. 4700 mg of Potassium
  2. 2000 – 4000 mg of Sodium
  3. 300 – 400 mg of Magnesium per day

Many of us use Dr. Berg’s KETO kit to start off. It contains electrolyte powder, wheat grass, and nutritional yeast as well as a body type book and food guide. You’ll be receiving emails on which foods contain the most electrolytes, but I can tell you now, LOAD UP on Avocado. It will be your best friend!

Intermittent Fasting

Intermittent fasting allows your body to take a break. During a “non-eating window”, the body is not producing insulin. This allows the body to rest and rebuild cells. The longer the fast, the more this is true.

Some, like me, practice daily fasting. The time in which I’m not eating is 16 hours, and the permitted time of eating or “eating window” is 8 hours. Basically, I can eat between 11 and 7 and not between 8 PM to 10 am.

On most days, I can do 1-5 easily as well. I’m not hungry because I eat high fiber, high-fat foods (also low on carbs).

This is absolutely not a requirement with KETO, although many choose it. You may want to work your way into this as you go.

I’ll have more on this for you in your emails.


Long cardio sessions are actually not advised when living a ketogenic lifestyle. In the beginning, this is especially true as it will create more hunger and can spin a carb feeding cycle that is more harmful than good. “Earning” your way into more food is a trap that many fall into and never find works long term.

Instead, HIIT or high-intensity interval training is suggested. These are usually 15-20 minute workouts with short intervals in between high-intensity activities such as sprinting, lunging, lifting, and other aerobic activity.

Walking is also highly recommended as it is good for the mind, body, and soul.

You’ll find links to videos in your Member Resources.

Getting Started

Congratulations on your kick off. Here’s how to start your program

  1. Log into the Members Only section at
  2. Set up your Macros (How much carbs, fat, and protein you will eat)
  3. Log your weight and measurements, and set your weight goal
  4. Add your before picture
  5. Update your weight and Measurements on Monday
  6. Track your daily Macros in an APP of your choice such as MyFitnessPal, Carb Manager, or for more advanced: Cronometer.
  7. Each day, in your app, scan the barcode of your food or add from the foods database. Your “macros” will then calculate and tell you where you are for that food, meal, or the day.
  8. Your TOP goal is to be under 20 net carbs. This is your total grams of carbohydrates eaten minus fiber. While you can eat as much as 50 carbs (hard limit) on KETO, you’d then need 30 grams of fiber to be at 20 net carbs. Don’t worry, I’ll be sharing high fiber foods that help you nail this.

What to Expect

  • In the beginning, you’ll probably be hungry and maybe cranky
  • As your body becomes fat adapted, hunger pains and cravings will diminish
  • Some experience the “Keto Flu” from withdrawals. Electrolytes and water will help
  • Leg cramps if you don’t get in enough potassium
  • Constipation if you don’t get in enough magnesium and fiber
  • Your stomach may appear remarkably flatter in just a few days
  • You could lose a lot of “water weight” in the first month, then you’ll burn fat
  • Not enough hunger to eat much. This is OK and will regulate
  • As you begin eating more fats in each meal, you’ll want to eat much less
  • In the beginning, Frequent Urination. Drink a lot of water and take electrolytes.

Coaching Program

  • We have a weekly FB Live Chat in the group. Times and Days alternate to be fair to all. Playbacks are in your Members Only Section
  • Ballen Bites is a cooking show, held live in FB and posted in playbacks and on Youtube. We try a variety of recipes and have fun
  • You can always email or message me a question. You can also ask it in the FB group and tag me to get my attention
  • You’ll receive emails on the Ketogenic Way of Living on a regular basis. Please read these. They are there to help you succeed. Don’t count on the others in the FB group to have the right answers. Everyone is learning.
  • We have regular give away’s and surprises. The more you commit, the more likely you are to receive!
  • While the Facebook group is a great place for support, friendship, and sharing, your membership website is your best place for learning and growing
  • Links may be affiliate links that benefit me or my companies by sharing

You can reach me by email at with any questions as well as in our exclusive Members-only Facebook Group. bullets, or use the options in the “Design” panel on the left to change the font styles of your email.

Please do Not redistribute any of these guides. They are permitted for member use only.

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