Keto Topics

The Keto Diet is a low carbohydrate, moderate protein, high-fat way of eating.  The results for many are both health-related and weight loss related. The concept is that be restricting the body of carbs, it will switch to burning fat rather than glucose and produce ketone bodies.

While in a state of ketosis, the body burns fat for fuel rather than continuously storing it and the brain will burn ketones causing one to become more focused.

While that explanation is brief, there is much to learn about the Ketogenic Lifestyle.

Lori Ballen is a Certified Ketogenic Lifestyle Coach. Having shed 43 pounds in just her few months on the Keto way of eating, Lori became passionate about helping others achieve better health and weight loss through living KETO.

She offers Keto systems such as grocery lists, meals, guides, macro calculators, weight tracking and more in her Keto Coach Group Program.

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