What’s The ONE Thing You Wish You Knew When Starting The Keto Diet?

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Here's an awesome list of things people shared that they wish they would have known about the Keto Diet when starting.

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These keto tips were gathered from various online social groups, and chat forums as well as our own experience.


Things I Wish I Had Known Before Starting The Keto Diet

  1. Keep it Simple. Don’t over complicate recipes and macros
  2. Don’t buy every “keto” food on your first shopping trip. Learn and Buy as you go. You might not use 1/2 the items on your list.
  3. Radishes. At net 2 carbs per serving, these make a wonderful seasoned treat. Bake or grill and season to perfection. Yum.  
  4. Your body has to heal before it loses weight, not the other way around
  5. Add intermittent fasting in as soon as you are keto-adapted
  6. Intermittent fasting or a long-term fast (24 hours +) can help break a stall.
  7. Don’t compare your results to others. Everybody is different, every story is different. You do you!
  8. That macros and calories stored in apps are human entered and are often wrong.
  9. MCT oil is a great way to get in healthy fats and more energy. I wish I had known how many food items I could add it to!
  10. That this countertop grill would be a lifesaver for all things meat!
  11. That I would have been better off avoiding ALL sweets, even keto sweets the first month or so. Any sweet can be abused.
  12. That I should take electrolytes BEFORE starting the diet to avoid the keto flu.
  13. That macros are a guide, not a bible. I don’t have to eat all of the fat if I’m full. 
  14. That eating the right amount of magnesium (which can differ from person to person) could prevent charlie horses!
  15. That there truly are 50 shades of Keto. There’s no right or wrong and we need to ignore the “know it all’s”
  16. That drinking pickle juice can cure a headache and give me energy before a workout
  17. What Sole water was and how easy it is to get in my sodium.
  18. That the first ingredients listed in an item are the highest and I should avoid sugars, corn and potato starches, vegetable and corn oil etc. 
  19. That pre-shredded cheese contains potato starch and I should shred my own cheese
  20. That Magnesium can cure constipation
  21. That most restaurants have a gluten free menu upon request and many of the items are keto friendly
  22. That I was going to pee.. a LOT. 
  23. That Keto breath is nasty and lasts 2-3 weeks during the transition
  24. That one simple bite of sugar even approved dark chocolate could send me spinning into a pint of ice cream
  25. That collagen can really help with skin, hair, and nails and is easy to add to coffee and shakes. It even comes in travel packs and can be added to recipes. 
  26. That weighing every day is INSANE. Hormonal changes and water retention can make the scale move up and down as much as 5 pounds. 
  27. That even though there are keto approved alcohol, the toxins in alcohol will cause a stall in any fat burning for several days. 
  28. That fruit is pretty much a no go other than some berries here and there or on a “cheat” day. 
  29. That I would have taken better before pics and tracked my weight and measurement each week. 
  30. That Keto Urine Strips are good only to show when my body is producing ketones, not that my body is using them. And that they stop working after a few months. 
  31. That foods marked “Keto” or “Paleo” are often mislabeled and not governed by the food and drug administration. 
  32. That I would get drunk after one martini
  33. That just getting through the first 2 weeks is the hard part and then cravings diminish or go away completely. 
  34. That I don’t need to buy Keto products like exogenous ketones. My body, when eating right will do that on it’s own. 
  35. That when I do make a mistake or “fall of the keto wagon”, the best way to recover is just to get right back on program
  36. That my friends and family may not understand. While they don’t have to understand, they can still be supportive. 
  37. That setting small goals is as important as setting a big end goal. Having a great piece of goal clothing one size too small always displayed and tried on daily can be amazing motivation
  38. That this is easier to do when you find your tribe. 
  39. That I would have hired a coach
  40. That Avocado is a super food and can be ordered with anything in a restaurant (although you’ll pay for it)
  41. When all else fails, bacon and eggs!
  42. Before going out to eat, grab the menu online and know ahead of time what you will eat. 
  43. Deviled eggs are a great appetizer
  44. Lemon juice can help prevent kidney stones
  45. Many restaurants will wrap your food in lettuce instead of bread. You just need to ask
  46. Chicken Fajitas with no tortillas, loaded with sour cream, no beans and rice are a great meal
  47. There is such a thing as keto bread!
  48. If you aren’t losing weight, try counting calories. Those Bullet Proof coffees add up!
  49. The first batch of weight you lose is water weight and then the true fat burning begins
  50. That Keto will come with many more benefits than weight loss. No more brain fog, no more heartburn, less aches and pains, more creativity, better moods, higher energy, better sleep and so much more.
Lori Ballen Keto Coach is outside in Las Vegas, Smiling, and showing fit shoulders

Lori Ballen is a certified Keto Coach who helps others lose weight through the ketogenic diet. After shedding 50 pounds in 6 months, she became passionate about helping others. She Created a Keto Course based on her personal experience.

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