What Keto Sweeteners are OK?

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background is sugar granules and words say keto sweeteners ketodays.com
You aren’t expected to give up everything sweet when living the ketogenic lifestyle. What you are expected to do is find Keto Sweeteners that are an Alternative.

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You aren’t expected to give up everything sweet when living the ketogenic lifestyle. What you are expected to do is find Keto Sweeteners that are an Alternative.

What Happens

We want to use sweeteners that do not spike our glucose levels. We also don’t want to use these in high doses.

They can cause gastric distress (ewww.. gassy!) and they literally “rot” in your stomach. They can kick you out of ketosis! Think carefully before adding large amounts of these “sweets” to your daily plan.

Be careful with using sweet treats, especially when you are just beginning. For many, sugar is an addiction, and anything sweet becomes a trigger for binge eating.

Also, watch those total carbs. Many packages quote net carbs after removing sugar alcohols. You tell yourself 3 net carbs is fine and suddenly realize that you ate 20 carbs in one cookie! The sweeter recipes such as fat bombs, cookies, and brownies are often high in calories as well.

Sugar Carbs

On the Ketodays.com “Keto for Weight Loss” plan, we count calories.

Keto Plan: 20 Net Carbs: Total Carbs – Fiber = 20 Net Carbs.

As long as you have enough fiber, you can increase your total carbs to 50 while staying UNDER the net 20.

Watch those sweets!

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The Highest to Lowest sugar alcohols on the Glycemic Index (Meaning WORST to BEST) are listed in the video below

BEST sweeteners to use for the KETO DIET

Quick List

  1. Monk Fruit
  2. Erythitrol
  3. Mannitol
  4. Sorbitol
  5. Xylitol
  6. Maltitol

Test on Glucose 

If you want to learn how your body response pick up a Ketone Meter and Glucose Meter here.


Not Keto approved. Don’t add regular sugar to foods, drinks, or recipes.

Best Sugar Alcohols

Below, are products in the Sugar Alcohols category, reported to not be absorbed by the body. Many Ketoans subtract sugar alcohols from the carbs as done with fiber to create their “net 20”.

Some countries do this automatically on the label. This is fine to do as long as you remember that TOTAL carbs should never exceed 50 on the Keto Diet.


  • Up to 80% as Sweet as Sugar
  • Used in Gum, Baked Goods, and Beverages
  • Zero Calories
  • Won’t spike blood sugar
  • Reported to be easier to digest than some other sugar alcohols

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  • Reported to be 100 to 300 times sweeter than sugar,
  • Used for Baking and for Beverages
  • “Zero” Calories

It has been tested and does not spike gluclose level. We do not want to use Stevia in the Raw as it contains maltodextrin. It’s a filler that is used to thicken texture. It’s made from corn/wheat/potato/rice, and it spikes glucose levels. It’s reported to be WORSE than sugar itself.

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Truvia vs. Stevia

  • Erythritol (sugar alcohol), Stevia Extract, Natural Flavors


Be Careful!! This Sugar Alcohol is TOXIC to your pets.

  • Won’t spike glucose levels
  • Low Calorie (9.5 per tsp)
  • Used in Baking
  • Can prevent Ear Infections
  • Prevents growth of Bacteria
  • Reduces Tooth Decay
  • Toxic to Pets

? Shop for Xylitol on Amazon (Pet Owners Should Avoid)

Monk Fruit

  • Sweeter than Sugar
  • Zero Calories
  • Won’t spike glucose levels
  • Used for Baking and in Beverages
  • Liquid, Powder and Granular Forms
  • Reported to be Save for Pregnant and Breastfeeding Women


  • Reported to Taste good
  • 60% as sweet as Sugar
  • 15 Calories per Teaspoon
  • Used in beverages and for baking
  • Should not spike insulin
  • Reported to cause digestive distress


  • Monosaccharide absorbed by the body, but not metabolized. (Sugar Alcohol)
  • 1 Calorie per Teaspoon
  • Primarily used for Baking

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  • Sugar Like Quality
  • 75-90% as sweet as sugar
  • Low Calorie
  • Is reported to spike glucose levels
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