Keto for Cancer

You certainly know of someone who has cancer, and you know how this disease destroys individuals and families. But do you know that many individuals who have been diagnosed with cancer have successfully adapted a keto lifestyle to stop the growth of cancer cells in their tracks?

Keto for cancer is real! And it’s great to know that the keto diet can actually be a powerful tool to take down the woe that is cancer!

How Keto Fights Cancer

You probably know by now that sugar is the main source of fuel that feeds cancer and causes inflammation. Simply put, sugar increases the risk of cancer and other chronic and life-threatening disease.

Cancer cells are unlike normal cells in many ways, but one of the traits that is most unique regards insulin receptors. They have ten times more insulin receptors on their cellular surface.

This enables cancer cells to thrive in glucose and nutrients coming from the bloodstream at a very high rate. As you continue to consume glucose as your primary diet source, cancer cells will continue to thrive and spread.

By following a keto lifestyle, lowering carbs will reduce your levels of glucose. This will put your body into ketosis and will assist in depleting cancer cells of their energy supply!

Diets high in protein also feed cancer, and the keto diet helps you prevent the disease by requiring you to have a moderate protein intake. If you live a keto lifestyle, you starve cancer!

It’s so easy to implement intermittent fasting in your keto lifestyle because it makes you naturally feel so full all the time. Fasting boosts your ketone production, hence starving cancer cells!

Keto and Brain Cancer

When you hear cancer, you think it’s like reaching the dead end. But it’s not like that.

There are studies that prove how the keto diet can serve as a legitimate alternative therapy for cancer, particularly brain cancer. Why? Because brain tumors can’t live off ketones!

Brain cancer cells are glycolytic and don’t have the ability to metabolize ketone bodies. That means that if you have brain cancer and are in ketosis, you are effectively not feeding the cancerous brain tumor.

The keto diet is effective in managing the growth of brain cancer in humans! Remember that as long as brain tumors have access to glucose from a high-carb diet, brain cancer progresses.

Keto is a low- carb diet, so it doesn’t give brain cancer that satisfaction.

Keto and Colon Cancer

Just as how the keto diet helps prevent and cure brain cancer, it also helps cure colon cancer. There are studies to prove the usefulness of this diet in the disease, especially in suppressing the progression of cancer and inflammation, weight gain and loss of muscle mass associated with it.

Colon cancer is a metabolic disease. If you are trying to fix a metabolic disease, then the remedy has to do with what the patient eats.

So how would keto help?

The keto diet is a low-carb, high-fat diet that boosts the ketone bodies in your blood to provide a different source of energy other than glucose. Your body produces acidic molecules called ketones through the breakdown of fatty acids.

When you fast and create a deficiency of glucose supply in your body through keto, you metabolize the stored fats in your body and create ketone bodies for energy. As a result, you stop colon cancer cells from progressing!

Keto Diet and Breast Cancer

One of the most common types of cancer today, especially among women, is breast cancer. While treatments for this disease are available nowadays, recent studies show that the keto diet may have the potential to revolutionize the treatment of breast cancer.

This is based on using the keto diet to halt the fuel source to cells of breast tumors, switching your body into fat-burning mode by restricting your intake to only 10% of calories from carbohydrates.

Keto and Cancer

The keto diet is so good that according to Prof. Seyfried, it shouldn’t be considered a diet but a medicine! What the keto diet gives patients with breast cancer is essentially metabolic therapy, removing glucose, which is one of the driving fuels for the disease, and transitioning your body over to ketones, which cancer cells cannot use as a fuel.

Now that’s amazing!

Keto and Thyroid Cancer

The keto diet does not only help treat brain, breast and colon cancers, but also thyroid cancer! This diet restricts the availability of glucose to tumor cells in your thyroid, primarily by limiting the amount of carb that comes into your body.

You know how fasting helps produce ketones in the body. And you are already aware of how ketones help beat cancer.

When your energy metabolism shifts to fat or ketones away from glucose, cancer cells are unable to utilize ketones, while your healthy cells can! That is basically what makes keto an effective means to cure cancer—it addresses cancer cells without killing your healthy cells!

Keto and Prostate Cancer

When it comes to prostate cancer, the keto diet is just as powerful in killing cancer cells. As you may know, nutritional ketosis involves restricting carbs to decrease the availability of glucose in your bloodstream and increase the production of ketone bodies from your liver.

All of the normal cells in your body are flexible enough to adapt to using ketone bodies for fuel instead of glucose, but cancer cells don’t have that kind of metabolic flexibility.

Keto Recipes for Cancer Patients

If you have cancer or know someone who suffers from the disease, here are sample keto recipes that you can try to weaken your cancer cells:

·         Breakfast: cheese omelet, blueberry macadamia nut waffles or pancakes, keto cereal, scrambled eggs with mayonnaise, flaxseed porridge, apple & almond butter cereal, cauliflower & cheddar hash browns, egg muffins, ham & egg cups

·         Soup: ham & cabbage soup, no-matzo ball soup, homemade chicken broth, chicken and cabbage puree, squash curry soup, chicken vegetable soup

·         Snacks: carrot cake fat bombs, berries & cream mini popsicles, flax hemp crackers, shamrock smoothie, buffalo chicken dip

Keto Diet for Dogs with Cancer

When it comes to saving the life of your pet, whatever it takes is what you will do. Although studies proving that the keto diet cures cancer in dogs remain scarce, many dog owners claim that it actually worked for their pets.

In human cancer, the keto diet helps halt and reverse the disease as it creates an environment where cancer cells cannot thrive. It is also noteworthy that there’s this ideological leaning towards food as medicine, and since drug that directly cures cancer is still currently unavailable anywhere in the world, proper nutrition seems to be the most powerful tool to beat cancer.

If you let your cancer-stricken dog adapt to a keto lifestyle, you sure are giving your best friend a fighting chance!

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