Lori Ballen Before and After Keto Collage with the keto diet plan

Keto Diet Plan

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Lori Ballen Before and After Keto Collage with the keto diet plan
Lori Ballen lost 50 pounds in 6 months using this keto diet plan

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I shed 50 pounds in 6 months doing the following:

Before and After Keto

1. Net 20 carbs (I include veggies and sugar alcohols)

2. Calories: 1250 (5’ 7” – age 46)

3. Intermittent Fasting (fasting 20 hours and eating 4 (or 18/6) (once-fully fat adapted)

4. Electrolytes: 4700 mg potassium, 350 mg Magnesium, 3000 mg Sodium

5. Macros: 70 % fat/ 23%Protein/ 7% carbs (stared at 42% body fat, age 46, 5’ 7)

Sample Meals: (stupid simple)

Steak and Asparagus

Cheeseburger (no bun)

Chicken Salad with Avocado 

Bacon and Eggs

Taco bowl & sour cream (no shell)

Roast Beef and Zucchini


Deviled Eggs


Coffee: black

Added fat bombs after 4 months and 40 pounds.

I drank alcohol on occasion. Yes, it caused fat burning stalls.

My advice?

1. Track every food

2. Count calories when weight loss is a goal

3. Learn how to get in the fats to control hunger (avocado, butter, cheese, olive oil, heavy cream, sour cream.

4. Weigh and measure once a week

5. Avoid people, places and things that are triggers for overeating or eating non-keto foods

6. Make your plan and progress public

7. Have long-term goals and short-term goals along the way

8. Have goal clothing that changes as you shrink into them

9. Celebrate all non-scale victories 

10. Ignore the naysayers and just “do you”

Your success with KETO is in direct proportion to your mindset. It all rises and falls with your thought process.

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