Keto Diet Nuts

Some of the best ketogenic fat sources you can consume are nuts. Keto Diet Nuts include Walnuts, macadamia nuts, and almonds which are low-carb, yet high in omega fatty acids and can fuel your energy during the day. Macadamia nuts are a great fit because they are high in healthy fat and low in carbs.

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Nuts are concentrated with potent plant compounds that combat inflammation in the body and boost immune health.

Choosing the right variety of nuts is critical, considering some variations such as peanuts contribute to inflammation. When consumed in control, the high fiber content of nuts can limit your appetite helping you to avoid consuming excess calories.

The healthy fats and antioxidants in nuts are credited with providing the anti-inflammatory activities responsible for regulating lipid concentrations, preventing depression, Alzheimer’s disease, and other cognitive disorders.

There are some nuts that are better than others yet similar in macros.

If you need a keto snack on the go, are traveling, or are looking to fill in your fat macros at the end of the day, these nuts might be a good choice.

Almonds12 Nuts801 Gram7 Grams
Brazil Nuts1 Oz1851 Gram19 Grams
Macadamia Nuts1/4 Cup2602 Grams27 Grams
Cashews12 Nuts804.5 Grams6 Grams
Hazelnuts1 Oz1772 Grams17 Grams
Pecans1 Oz1951 Gram20 Grams
Walnuts1 Oz1852 Grams18 Grams
Pistachios1 Oz1594 Grams13 Grams
Chia Seeds1 Tbs601 Gram4 Grams
Flax Seeds2 Tbs701 Gram6 Grams
Hemp Seed3 Tbs1701 Gram14 Grams
Pumpkin Seeds142 Seeds1534 Grams13 Grams
Sesame Seeds1 Tbs524 Grams4.5 Grams
Sunflower Seeds1/4 Cup1812 Grams16 Grams
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Vital Proteins Collagen

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Turmeric on Keto

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