Keto Diet Benefits

I may be a bit biased in believing that the ketogenic lifestyle is the best way to eat and live, but research backs me up!

Outside of being the most effective strategy for weight loss, keto can enhance and prolong your life!

Check out the awesome benefits Keto has to offer below:


Burning fat for fuel creates far less inflammation than burning sugar does, and ketones themselves turn off inflammatory pathways.

Inflammation is the body’s response to an injury, stress or illness.

Think about bumping your head against something and the bump that appears afterward. The bump is a form of inflammation.

Reducing Risks

Consuming processed carbohydrates, sugar, and toxin-laden foods cause poor gut health. This adds stress to the body, resulting in inflammation.

Removing these toxic substances from your body will help reduce inflammation, which we often see as bloating and an inability to lose weight no matter how physically active we are.

With the removal, we are one step closer to whole-body health.

Stronger Brain

Ketosis causes your brain to create more mitochondria, the powerhouses of your cells. You can literally generate more energy when you strengthen your mitochondria, leaving you with excess willpower and a sharper mental state.

Body Fat Burner

Ketones influence ghrelin and cholecystokinin (CCK), the hormones that control your hunger.

Hunger feels different when you’re in full ketosis – it fades from an obsession to a background thought.

Once you are in full nutritional ketosis and burning fat for fuel, it’s very easy to enter prolonged periods of not eating (fasting) and during that fast, your body is burning up your fat stores for energy.

Eat Like Royalty

Bacon, grass-fed steak and butter, pastured eggs, olive oil, coconut cream. . . you can eat real, satisfying food on a ketogenic diet.

Take THAT low-cal, low-fat diets!

Keto Cures

This is the number one reason I am committed to living a ketogenic lifestyle (and you thought it was the tasty fat bombs!).

A ketogenic diet has been proven to treat – and even cure – chronic and life-threatening diseases.

These are just a few of the diseases that keto cures:

Epilepsy, PCOS, Type-2 Diabetes, depression, certain cancers, autoimmune disease, dementia, and Alzheimer’s.

When weight is no longer an issue – no longer the main thing that you are worried about – that’s when it becomes easy to burn up body fat!

Keto Diet Explained
About Lori Ballen Keto Coach
Lori Ballen, who shed 45 pounds herself in 4 months on the Ketogenic Diet, is a Keto Coach helping others like her get healthy, feel younger, and lose weight.

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