Keto Cravings

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What Cravings Really Mean On Your Keto Diet
Not a single one of us only craves lettuce all the time – that’s not how we’re built. And we’ve all spent many years eating things that were laced with carbs and sugar.

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What Cravings Really Mean on Keto

Friends, you didn’t come this far to only come this far! Let’s keep those cravings under control for the long haul!

The way that food companies have created foods is in a way that consumers become addicted to the products so we keep buying more.

There are studies that have shown sugar has the same effect on our bodies and brains as cocaine and heroin!

The same areas of the brain are activated when one eats sugar as when one ingests cocaine. In addition, when we eat sugar, our brain sends messages for the release of dopamine, the “feel good” hormone.

After some time, the release of dopamine is more or less regulated and less is sent out each time we eat sugar. The absence of large amounts of dopamine triggers our need to want more sugar, to get that same “feel good” feeling back.

Coincidentally, drug addiction is exactly that.

The brain remembers what made it feel good, even if you don’t – cravings aren’t random.

It IS true that the more you eat of something, the more you will crave it. We’ve been eating carbs and sugars for a long time, and now that we haven’t been eating them, sometimes our bodies get pissed and are like, “Hey! What the F, man? Where’s my donut?”

While of course we can keto-fy just about anything – it’s also easy to go overboard and just eat all of your fat bombs. And this is where we need to talk about controlling cravings.

When you are craving chocolate, it may be a sign that you are magnesium deficient. The best thing to do here is to take your magnesium supplement.

Take it with about 16oz of water, and wait 15 minutes. If you don’t have magnesium supplements you can eat 10 raw almonds, and again drink 16oz of water. If you’re still craving that sweet taste after 15 minutes, grab a lemon wedge and bite right into it. That sour is going to change your taste buds and should stop the craving. I actually don’t have lemons very often but I do have this bottle of pure lemon juice, so if I’ve got a crazy sweet craving, then I go for a quick sip of that – along with 16oz of water – and that usually helps me out. Of course, there are times that we just want sweet damnit! Be prepared with a sweet fat bomb, and just one serving at a time, with a nice tall glass of – you guessed it! – water!

Maybe a sweet tooth isn’t your thing, and you’ve got a hankering for SALT.

Salt cravings are almost ALWAYS a sign of dehydration. Drink lots of water!

This is also an awesome opportunity to add more healthy fats into your day by consuming fat mixed with liquids.

Try some broth with butter (broth has a bunch of sodium so you should feel satisfied drinking that), add 1 Tbsp of coconut oil to your tea, blend up some unsweetened cashew milk with a Tbsp of coconut cream and 10 macadamia nuts.

And again, after hydrating and adding fats, if the salt craving is still there, go for some pork rinds or salted macadamia nuts.

You will never be deprived while following a ketogenic lifestyle, but you ARE overcoming cravings that have controlled your life for long enough.

And that, my friends, is a wonderful non-scale victory that you can celebrate today!

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