KetoDays Course & Memberships

Why Keto?

The Ketogenic Lifestyle is a low carb, high fat way of eating. When eating the Keto way, you body is trained to be a fat burning machine. In addition to weight loss, the Ketogenic diet has been known to increase your health an resolve numerous health issues and risks.

Your Way of Eating

The Ketogenic lifestyle will allow you to create a meal plan that suits your schedule and family needs.

The high fat way of eating will keep you full, requiring less meals and snacks throughout the day.

Delicious Food

While we have to say goodbye to grains for a while - it's hello Bacon and Butter!

Your meal plans include meats such as beef, poultry, pork and seafood. Enjoy healthy oils, butter, eggs, cheese, sour cream and nuts.

Don't worry, there are alternatives for those with dietary restrictions.

Sweet Desserts

Yes! You can have cookies, muffins, candies, chocolate, ice cream and more through delicious Keto recipes.

We suggest eliminating sweets until you are fat adapted and have mastered you macros.

The Ballen Method to Keto Course:

Each purchase option includes access to our online training course, teaching you everything you need to know to do the Ketogenic Diet at a high level.

6-Week Challenge & Monthly Membership Details

When you sign up, you will receive some documentation to verify your email and sign a health waiver prior to accessing the program.

With a 6-Week Challenge or Monthly Membership Purchase you'll be added to the Facebook Group, receive login credentials for the website, and will receive your start up guide and meal plans. You'll spend the first week prepping and then will begin the Keto Lifestyle. 

The 6-Week Challenge & Monthly Membership Includes The Ballen Method to Keto Course PLUS:

Keto Coaching Emails

Daily Emails

Purposefully crafted emails designed to take you through the Keto journey successfully.

Chart of Keto Macro Nutrients through a Keto app


Your online calculator will guide you through the formulas that will give you calorie and macronutrient goals.

Keto Shopping List

Shopping List

You'll receive a standard Keto grocery list with your start up kit on the 1st of the month along with printable shopping lists for each recipe and meal plan.

Ketogenic Meal Plans

Meal Plans 

Choose from our stupid simple meal plan or create your own on the website with drag and drop recipes that include daily tallied macros. Truly one of the best value items in this program that makes us unique. 

Bulletproof inspired coffee


Fom Keto Coffee (inspired by Bulletproof) to Fat Bombs to every day delicious meals, our Keto recipes have you covered! Join Lori Ballen for Keto in the Kitchen Videos!

Facebook Group showing people sitting around a computer

FB Group

Lead by Lori and her team, the Facebook group is your place for continuous support and guidance. It's packed full of member's only resources including cookbooks, recipes, program guides and more.

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6-Week Email Schedule

With your Monthly Membership or 6-Week Challenge purchase, you will gain access to a series of emails to help you kick-start your Keto journey. The email schedule is below.

Week 1: Prep Week

Day 1: What is Keto?

Day 2: Prep

Day 3: Purge & Equipment

Day 4: Keto Foods

Day 5: Electrolyte Supplements

Day 6: Macros

Week 2: Getting into Ketosis

Day 1: Net Carbs

Day 2: Do's and Dont's

Day 3: Benefits

Day 4: Keto Flu

Day 5: Signs of Ketosis

Day 6: Weight Loss

Week 3: Digging Deeper

Day 1: Healthy Fats

Day 2: Body Changes 

Day 3: Supplements (Oils & Collagen)

Day 4: Food Labels

Day 5: Sugar Alcohols & Sweeteners

Day 6: Nuts

Week 4: Next Level Keto

Day 1: Food Sensitivity

Day 2: Fat Adapted

Day 3: Eat This Not That

Day 4: Socal Eating

Day 5: Alcohol

Day 6: Working Out on Keto

Week 5: Kicking it Up a Notch

Day 1: Hormones

Day 2: Cravings

Day 3: Intemittent Fasting

Day 4: Testing for Ketosis

Day 5: Measurements

Day 6: Non-Scale Victories

Week 6: Health & Wellness

Day 1: Sleep

Day 2: Depression

Day 3: Ferility & Pregnancy

Day 4: Cancer

Day 5: Heart

Day 6: Brain on Keto

BONUS EMAILS: Plateaus, Temptations & Substitutes

Day 1: Triggers

Day 2: Plateaus

Day 3: Keto Long Term

Day 4: Listening to Your Body

Day 5: Calorie Counting

Day 6: Cheating & Getting Back On The Horse

Your Coach

Lori Ballen Keto Coach Before and After Weight Loss Transformation

Lori Ballen

Lori is a direct person and she coaches for results. She only works with the strong willed and self motivated. She's a "tough love" kind of coach.

Lori is in her late 40's and is an entrepreneur. She is single and her kids are teen to adult age. While she may not relate to the young families, she has certainly "been there an done that".

Lori reached 213 pounds. She shed 40 pounds by counting calories. Through her divorce battle, she put back on much of it, reaching a height of 198 pounds before starting the Keto way of eating.

Through the Ketogenic lifestyle, Lori shed 50 pounds in 6 months. She then decided to help others and became a certified Ketogenic Lifestyle coach.

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