Ditch The Bread With Keto Bowls

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Ditch The Bread With Keto Bowls

Let's take a look at some of the most nutrient-dense, delicious keto bowls you can make yourself, to help you stay on target with your ketogenic diet.
Let's take a look at some of the most nutrient-dense, delicious keto bowls you can make yourself, to help you stay on target with your ketogenic diet.

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Let’s take a look at some of the most nutrient-dense, delicious keto bowls you can make yourself, to help you stay on target with your ketogenic diet.

Let's take a look at some of the most nutrient-dense, delicious keto bowls you can make yourself, to help you stay on target with your ketogenic diet.

Keto Bowls

The benefits of a ketogenic diet go far beyond weight loss; lowered carb intake has a profound effect on blood sugar, mental health, sleep quality and a slew of other health markers.

Sometimes just removing bread from a sandwich, however, doesn’t really feel like a complete meal, and you’re left wanting more. Times like these are a great opportunity to dive into the Instagram community’s favorite food trend; bowls.

While it’s true that most bowl meals offered up in beautiful photos on your feed are typically laden with sugar, keto comrades the world over have put their own spin on these well-rounded meals.

Breakfast bowls

The idea that a smoothie had to fit into a glass is apparently pretty outdated, with health-conscious people opting instead to make “smoothie bowls”.

These typically consist of oats or granola, fruit, yogurt, and other delicious but not low-carb ingredients. Opt for low carb ingredients instead and you can still have a nutritious morning meal, without all the extra sugar and carbs.

Breakfast burrito in a bowl

While the bowl form of a breakfast burrito is everything the actual burrito isn’t – it’s not portable or necessarily handy – it does make up for it by cutting calories and carbs. Since bowls are more freeform, you can add more ingredients as well, without the risk of bursting a tortilla.

Scrambled eggs, bacon, chorizo, avocado, onion, mushrooms, jalapeno- just thinking of all that goodness together makes our mouths water. Make sure you have a clean (sugar-free) salsa and some sour cream and you’re all set.

Keto chia smoothie bowl

So while most fruit isn’t allowed on a keto diet, berries are still great sources of nutrition, antioxidants, and they taste great, too. What’s best – and relevant to keto – is that their carb-to-fiber ratio is low, so you can have them without blowing your diet.

Chia seeds are full of fiber and omega-3 fatty acids, both needed for keto and when you mix them with liquid of any kind, they gel up, making a sort of thickened paste. This makes them a perfect base for keto smoothies and puddings.

Toss in some full-fat Greek yogurt, berries, flax, and nuts and you’ve got a healthy breakfast that actually tastes like breakfast.

Matcha green smoothie bowl

Matcha is the powdered, hyper-dense form of green tea that, when brewed fresh, blows the socks off literally any packet of green tea you’ve ever had.

Mixed into a chia base with unsweetened nut milk, you have an incredibly unique, delicious flavor that adds a little pep to your step as well.

The antioxidants in the matcha and chia seeds, coupled with blended greens (that you won’t even taste) make this a nutritional powerhouse and a nice change of pace.

Lunch and dinner keto bowls

Ordering a burger in a bowl at a drive-thru is a sad affair that might fill your stomach but isn’t the most healthy way to eat. With just slightly more effort, you can craft perfect lunch and dinner keto bowls that nourish you, taste amazing, and won’t break the bank.

Buddha bowls

The best bowly friends of vegetarians and vegans the world over, Buddha bowls are grain-based and often filled with root vegetables like beets or sweet potatoes.

Delicious and nutritious, sure, but carb-laden and not exactly what we’re looking for on keto. That said, you can change up the ingredients, opting for cauliflower rice as a base and a variety of carb-friendly veggies to round things out.

And with the perfect keto green sauce, you can tie any ingredients together.

Eggroll in a bowl

If Chinese takeout is your thing, you don’t have to avoid it forever. By taking all the ingredients and flavors of the inside of an eggroll and putting them in a bowl, you can savor your guilty pleasure without dealing with all the carbs.

Additionally, this meal is cheap, easy to prepare, tastes divine, and can be doubled or tripled so you can meal prep for the week (or batch-cook for the freezer).

Lasagna bowls

So maybe you’ve tried making “keto” lasagna with zucchini or something and it’s not turned out great, but if you ditch the concept of noodles altogether, you’ll find yourself on the right track.

Layering up meat, ricotta, sauce, and cheese in an oven-proof bowl and baking it until crispy is the keto way to enjoy the comfort of lasagna without all the pasta.


This fresh fish staple of Hawaii is already served in a bowl, but usually with rice, so it’s not the most keto-friendly food, but that’s okay! It can easily be transformed into a delicious, perfectly ketogenic food that is a great way to use fresh tuna when everyone around you is eating sushi.

Opt for cauliflower rice, or ditch the concept entirely and use fresh cabbage, radish – any number of keto-friendly veggies.

Pizza in a bowl

Like the lasagna, this is a great alternative to pizza night when your family is filling up on doughy pie.

Pile in your favorite pizza toppings between layers of sauce and cheese, and toss it under the broiler until it’s bubbling and delicious. Just don’t burn your mouth!

Deconstructed Big Mac

Okay, so the title is maybe a little fancier than is due, but who doesn’t love a Big Mac? The most unfortunate part of the Mac is the fact that it’s so not keto, they added an additional piece of bun.

Luckily, if you remove the middle and chop up the non-bread ingredients, you have a delicious meal that stays within your macros. While you could try to find low carb 1000 Island dressing, it’s best to make your own (it’s super easy).

These bowl-based takes on foods we love are creative ways of enjoying our favorite meals without the nutritional pitfalls that modern eating throws at us.

Give them a try and you’ll see that with a little extra effort, keto is easy (and delicious) to maintain.

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