Is Ice Cream Keto?

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The cool sweetness is something that hits the spot, but you might miss on a ketogenic diet. Is ice cream keto? For the most part, no - it's made with cream, which is fine, but also milk and sugar, both of which have far too much sugar to work on a keto diet functionally.
The cool sweetness is something that hits the spot, but you might miss on a ketogenic diet. Is ice cream keto?

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The cool sweetness is something that hits the spot, but you might miss on a ketogenic diet. Is ice cream keto? For the most part, no – it’s made with cream, which is fine, but also milk and sugar, both of which have far too much sugar to work on a keto diet functionally.

Low carb Ice Cream

However, there is good news as you can make low carb, keto ice cream with some planning and unique ingredients, most of which are easily accessible. 

Additionally, many companies are vying for the top spot in the keto dessert wars, and various brands of ice cream have emerged in the last three years, all with their advantages.

Ice cream – especially during the worst of the summer months – is a saving grace for parties and hot days alike. 

Let’s look at how you can still enjoy ice cream while eating a ketogenic diet, whether you make it yourself or buy it from the store.

Keto Ice Cream Ingredients

Ice cream is less dense because of the milk, but keto ice cream, due to the fat content, will be far richer than traditional ice cream. 

This richness is a good thing, and if you’ve been doing keto a while, you’re not afraid of rich foods.

So to substitute, we need fattier, less carby versions of the typical ingredients:

Alternative Milk

Substitute coconut milk, almond milk, or flax milk for dairy milk.

This serves as the freezing medium for your ice cream, but without the carbs from the lactose of dairy milk.

It’s worth noting that if you want to have very creamy ice cream with the most pleasant texture, you’ll want canned, full-fat coconut milk instead of anything else.

The others will work but the ice cream will not store well.

Heavy Cream

We keep – this is the primary ingredient that gives ice cream it’s, well, creaminess and lucky for us, it’s perfectly keto-friendly.

Keto Sweetener

Allulose or an erythritol blend (erythritol + stevia) is perfect for sweetening without the hidden carbs of maltodextrin or sorbitol/Splenda.

Just avoid using straight erythritol, as it has a weird after taste.

Granulated monk fruit can work, but it’s often grainy – powdered would be better, or if you have a coffee grinder, run the granules through there until powdered. It’s worth the extra minute or two.


Any add-in that comes from an alcohol-based flavor like vanilla extract is fine as these have zero carbs typically.

Cocoa powder is fine, too, since it’s mostly fat and fiber. Other mix-ins are on a case-by-case basis and you’ll need to examine them for carb content.

Nuts are generally fine, but candy and fruit are probably not useable.

As for making the keto ice cream, it’s pretty much the same method. In fact, for most recipes, you can substitute 1:1. If you have an ice cream maker, you can use that and serve it immediately. 

Keto ice cream doesn’t keep well in the freezer, so it’s best to use it as soon as possible.

If you don’t have an ice cream maker, don’t fret. You can make the keto ice cream recipe of your choice, freeze it into ice cube trays and then break them down in a blender or food processor.

Again, serve and eat immediately for the best results.

The best Keto Ice Cream in Stores

It’s far easier to be on a ketogenic diet now than ever before, in regards to being able to access quick, keto versions of your favorite foods. There are four main contenders for the best keto ice cream title.

Keto Pint

This ice cream maker specializes in keto ice cream, and their flavor options are out of this world, including butter pecan, peanut butter, and sea salt caramel. 

Their flavor is phenomenal, but their texture is one of the best in the business. Creamy while still having that refreshing, sweet coldness, Keto Pint is well worth the purchase, if they sell it near you.

They also have a line of keto-friendly, chocolate-dipped ice cream bars. Ultimately, if you can’t find these delicious treats in stores, you can buy them from their site, and they’ll ship directly to your door in well-insulated freezer boxes.

Halo Top

Halo Top is one of the oldest brands of keto-friendly ice cream on the market, and it’s available in most large grocery chains.

They have a huge variety of flavors, and their products are high protein as well. While they’re not strictly a ketogenic ice cream, they are keto-friendly, and a whole pint has somewhere between 300 and 400 calories. 

With such a small amount of calories and packed with protein and healthy fats, they’re great for anyone who wants to eat healthier.

They also have a line of low carb pops and a great selection of dairy-free options, and you can order online on their site.


Like Halo Top, Enlightened started as lower-calorie ice cream, but they’ve branched out with keto options as well. 

They have what is probably the biggest selection of keto ice cream options, including a massive variety of keto ice cream bars. 

What’s best is that they’re available in just about every major grocery store chain, and, as with the others, you can order online.

Rebel Creamery

A keto ice cream by the pint, Rebel is a delicious addition to the keto ice cream lineup at your local grocery store. 

Unlike Enlightened or Halo Top, Rebel focuses on the keto aspect of their product, keeping the fat content high and protein and carbs low. 

Net carb content varies from 4g to 8g across their 14 flavors, ranging from vanilla and chocolate to cherry chip and coconut almond swirl.

Rebel is available in most large grocers, like Hy-vee, Target, and Walmart, but you can order online as well.

You can have ice cream on a keto diet

As long as you’re able to make some substitutions, keto ice cream is doable if you want to make it yourself. 

You can also find one of many varieties of keto ice creams at your grocery store, and with plenty of sugar-free topping options, keto sundaes do not have to stay in your dreams.

The big thing to remember is that keto ice cream – whether you’re making it fresh or buying a pint at the store – is best served and eaten in one sitting.

Because of the high-fat content and lack of milk, it doesn’t freeze great, but that’s okay; nobody wants to put the pint back anyway.

Keto Ice Cream Recipes

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