How to Stay Keto While Traveling

Have you just adopted the keto lifestyle? If you have just started out, you’re probably afraid that you cannot keep up with this high-fat keto lifestyle, especially when you’re out there traveling.

Maintaining the keto way of eating while traveling is not easy, but you can do it!

Being keto while on vacation is one thing, but eating well while staying keto is another. And when it is time for a vacation or a big trip, you must learn both.

Keto Snacks for Travel

If you are serious about going off the keto diet, keep in mind that cheat meals have bigger consequences while on keto. Why? Because it is too easy for high-carb meals to kick you out of where you want to be, which is in ketosis!

When you’re out and about and you start to feel hungry, making healthy snack choices can be hard—especially when you’re on a keto diet! Nothing’s harder than resisting a crisp packet or bar of chocolates, right?

The key to satisfying your hunger when traveling is keeping a small snack in your purse. A small pack of keto-friendly snack is enough to keep hunger at bay until you get home to have a proper meal.

That way, you also don’t get tempted to eat foods that are high on carbs!

That’s one of the best things about the keto diet. When you go keto, you don’t feel hunger as often and you can time when you need to eat.

While there are a lot of keto-friendly snacks you can actually make for yourself, the sad thing is that you can’t take all of them when you travel. Go for snacks that you can easily slip into your purse as you step out your door and eat even without utensils!

Here are examples:

·         Roasted, salted nuts

·         Ultra-portable canned sardines

·         Jerky sticks

·         Hard-boiled eggs

·         Pork rinds

·         Nut butter

·         High-fat salami sticks

·         Veggie sticks

·         String cheese

·         Olives

·         Hemp seeds

·         Cauliflower tots

·         Sausage rolls

·         High-protein Quest bar

·         Homemade cookies and biscotti

·         Homemade muffins

Remember, the key to staying in ketosis is being prepared ALL THE TIME. Especially when you travel, don’t let yourself fall off the keto wagon just because you didn’t have a snack ready!

Keto Travel Foods

When you are following a high-fat, low-carb diet, taking a vacation can be stressful, especially if you are not prepared. You can never underestimate the importance of a little preparation when it comes to keto.

It goes a long way! Do your best to stay as close to keto as you can by having a plan in place before traveling!

Don’t send your diet into a tailspin. If you go on a travel with a lack of familiar dining options and a wealth of food temptations around you, you put yourself on the brink of sabotaging your good diet intentions!

No, that is not to say that traveling on keto is no fun. In fact, by just following a few tips on staying keto at restaurants, as well as on the go while traveling, you can go on vacation without sacrificing a minute of fun!

All you need is a bit of pre-trip research like you’re probably doing now.

Keto Travel Essentials

You know how tricky it can be traveling while eating low-carb. Imagine not having access to foods and gadgets you normally have at home and not being able to find low-carb options on the road.

Sometimes, even if you have the option of taking some food with you, there are still many types of keto-friendly food that are not suitable for air travel or long car trips.  You can’t just lug a bunch of heavy food in your bag, unless you’re fine with finding avocado squashed through your clothes when you arrive at your destination!

Aside from a stash of napkins or wet wipes in your purse, there are many other things that you need to bring with you if you’re traveling on keto. Here are the top keto travel essentials you should prepare before your trip:

·         Aerolatte Milk Frother

Make bulletproof coffee in your mug! If you suddenly crave coffee while you’re out and you don’t have a blender with you, use the aerolatte to whisk your coffee, butter, and MCT oil together.

·         Brain Octane or MCT Oil/Powder

This is an important ingredient for your bulletproof coffee, which provides you a good dose of fats to fuel you through your mornings.

·         Nuts

Nuts are probably the best keto snacks you can have while traveling. Not only are they fat-rich, they also stay fresh for weeks as long as they are kept in an airtight container.

·         Chia Seeds

With these seeds on your hand, it’ll be easier for you to make your own chia pudding for breakfast or dessert!

·         Activated Charcoal

Keep a few capsules of activated charcoal when traveling and take one if you suddenly feel a bit queasy or bloated after eating. These capsules help remove toxins and gas from your body and are very helpful for travelers like you.

·         Magnesium and Potassium Supplements

These supplements are especially helpful if you’re going to be away for more than a week.

·         Salt

If you want to stay happy and in ketosis while on your travels, bring some salt with you. Adding salt to your drinking water keeps you hydrated.

Getting dehydrated and low in electrolytes are things you wouldn’t want to experience while on holiday!

Keto Travel Hacks

Being able to stay keto while traveling is an amazing experience, but it isn’t just about preparing your keto-friendly snacks and being mindful of what you eat. It also takes some legwork!

If you are going on a trip, take note of these super easy hacks that will make sticking to your keto diet so much easier for you:

·         Call ahead to restaurants and resorts

Before you leave, search online for the eating places you’ll have around wherever you’re staying. Give them a ring and make sure that they are able to give you good keto meals during your stay.

·         Search online for farmer’s markets or convenience stores near your hotel

If you plan to rent out a home or a hotel room with a full kitchen where you can prepare your own meals, you can plan your keto meals before your travel! Before your trip, know where you can buy the veggies and other keto items you need for the meals you are going to prepare.

·         Skip the acidic foods and drinks

Sodas, alcohol, and dairy products are foods that negatively affect your alkaline balance and sabotage your keto diet. If you’re going on a trip, skip them temporarily.

·         Buy vegetables in bulk

If you want to save money on vegetables, buy them in bulk. Don’t worry about them going bad. If you’re staying in a hotel, you certainly have a freezer to store them in.

·         Go on intermittent fasting

Limit your eating windows to just a few hours a day. If you do this, your body will break down extra fats that are stored in your body and use it as energy during your fasting days. That’s ketosis!

·         Don’t just focus on the food

Staying on the right track isn’t all about food. There are many other factors that may affect your keto diet while on your trip.

Have enough rest, reduce your stress, exercise, stay positive and active! All of these factors will contribute to your fitness goals!

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