Controlling Triggers & Temptations on Keto

Triggers and temptations are everywhere. Ironically, the hardest time to ignore them is when you are on a weight loss journey!

If you have just started out on your keto journey, chances are you will find it really hard to fight the urge to eat non-keto-friendly foods. Whether it’s going out with your family or friends, holiday festivities, parties in the office or just a box of cake in your fridge, the temptations are always there and you can’t just eliminate them!

The good news, however, is that you can do something to control those triggers. Controlling triggers and temptations on keto is the key to staying on the right track!

Comfort Zone & Food

Have you ever experienced being stuck in a company for long? You don’t want to try a new job because you’ve already mastered your craft; you’re afraid to step out of that zone and take on new challenges, thinking that you are already perfectly fine with your current position.

A comfort zone is a space you create for yourself, and there’s nothing wrong with it. But once you let that zone hinder you, that’s when it stops serving you!

When it comes to eating, you have a comfort zone as well. When you get into that zone, you tend to crave certain food out of habit and you give yourself boundaries.

For example, when you get home from work and sit on your couch, you automatically feel the need to snack on chips, ice cream, and some cupcakes. You don’t venture outside of that comfort zone because…well, that is your COMFORT zone.

But while your comfort zone helps you recognize your boundaries, it makes you believe that you can’t step out of it. And when you let that happen, you’ll never know where your unhealthy eating habits may take you.

Yes, your food comfort zone gives you parameters and facilitates your decision-making when it comes to your food choices. But when your comfort zone is too small and you don’t venture outside of it, the boundaries you’ve set for yourself will end up not serving you so much as hindering you!

You know what’s worse than that? It’s when you let your comfort zone have such an incredible power to influence your food choices that you get used to being in the opposite direction of healthy eating!  

If you are the emotionally driven eater type, chances are you use comfort food to soothe your stress. When you’re in a bad mood, you don’t care how many slices of cake you pile on your plate, as long as you’re happy.

The problem with eating in your comfort zone is that you tend to over-indulge. Food has the ability to conjure up comforting feelings and memories, and because certain foods make you feel good, you let yourself fall into the same eating patterns, even if that means being off the track of healthy eating!

How Do You Know If You’re Trapped in Your Food Comfort Zone?

Controlling Triggers and Temptations on Keto

Just because you have repetitive eating habits doesn’t mean you’re trapped in your food comfort zone. In fact, there are times when eating routines can be very good things!

Eating the same things over and over is totally fine, as long as you are on the healthy track! But when do you know that you’re stuck in your comfort zone?

One of the biggest indicators is when you eat and you feel that your senses are not fully engaged. Have you ever tried eating unhealthy food choices like chocolates, cupcakes, or ice cream mindlessly without really appreciating them? You just eat them because you already got used to eating them for “comfort.”

If you haven’t experienced that, how about finding yourself saying NO a lot? That’s another indicator that you are trapped in your comfort zone!

Sometimes, people disguise their narrow comfort zone by attributing their boundaries to something else. You don’t want to explore other food options because you think you’re allergic to certain food, pressed for time, or are simply picky.

What’s worse? You convince yourself you are eating healthy, when in fact you’re not!

Purge Away the Temptation

If you think you’re stuck in your comfort zone, it’s time to rethink your well-worn habits and let go of unnecessary food choices you’re currently consuming. Remember, not everything you eat and drink deserves to be in that zone!

Think about how every food you eat affects your body. Once you learn to let go of your unhealthy food choices, you will find that your comfort zone has gone a lot clearer and more defined!

Also, you will discover that your comfort zone isn’t really quite so comfortable when you look at it closely. Who knows, the familiar foods you thought are making you happy are actually the cause of your digestive issues and migraines.

Imagine that? It’s as if you tricked yourself into thinking that you’re comfortable with what you eat when you’re actually not!

So what do you do? Get rid of your unhealthy eating habits and only let deserving foods and drinks into your comfort zone.

Go keto! Purge away the temptation. Cravings can be hard to overcome, but with some willpower, you can do it!

·         Change your thinking.

The moment you feel you are craving something unhealthy, don’t immediately give in. But don’t tell yourself “no” either. Instead, tell yourself, “later.”

Did you know that eating something later on is enough to stop a craving? When you crave something, you can also pause for a while and ask yourself, “why do I want this?” or “what am I exactly feeling right now?”

By telling these things to yourself, you trick your brain into letting you make the right decision. Believe in your power to cause your cravings to dissipate!

·         Change your old ways.

Don’t deprive yourself of food when you’re genuinely hungry. But instead of eating cookies or chocolates, choose healthier options that satisfy your snacking desires.

If you’re craving something sweet, eat some fruits instead of candies. If you’re dying for some ice cream, have a serving of frozen yogurt instead!

You may also try preparing your own healthy and tasty meals so you can resist the cravings for restaurant food. Try packing a lunch when you go to work and be less tempted to grab a quick bite at a drive-thru!

·         Change your food environment.

This isn’t a trick! Sometimes, it really has to do with your food environment! You want to know one surefire way to make sure you don’t eat unhealthy food at home? Get rid of them so you don’t see them in your home!

By cleaning out your cupboards and keeping unhealthy foods out of sight, you are helping yourself. It also helps to not go shopping on an empty stomach, because when you go to the grocery store hungry, you are more likely to make impulse buys!

Getting out of your comfort zone doesn’t necessarily involve novelty. You don’t need to force yourself to eat foods you dislike or gross you out either.

Welcoming only healthy foods in your comfort zone is more about developing a mindset of openness and good-natured adventure when trying new food choices.

Make the process of controlling triggers and temptations on keto a positive one! When you let wholesome foods be at the heart of your diet, expanding your comfort zone becomes natural and more enjoyable for you!

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