What Are The Best Keto Apps for Tracking Macros?

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Here are some of the best Keto Apps for tracking Macronutrients. These Apps leave the measuring and discipline to you, while the Apps do all the macro and micro dietary counting for you. Usually, the Apps offer a discounted or free trial period to let you try out the App before you buy it.

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Here are some of the best Keto Apps for tracking Macronutrients. These Apps leave the measuring and discipline to you, while the Apps do all the macro and micro dietary counting for you. Usually, the Apps offer a discounted or free trial period to let you try out the App before you buy it.


CarbManager is a comprehensive App that can get you started on your Ketone journey right away. The smart App has recipes, articles, meal plans, and a supportive community to help you achieve your nutrition goals.

The premium subscription offers the ultimate in carbohydrate control with a range of features, including snap-a-pic image AI, voice logging, barcode scanning, and natural language input. There are over a quarter-of-a-million recipes. Premium members have access to chef-created meals made exclusively for Keto dieters.

Pros: Carbmanager can help reduce your shopping and meal planning chores. Under setting goals and food preferences, the App can formulate meal plans and shopping lists. Premium members have access to in-depth analytics of benchmarks, projections, fasting, macro analysis, meals analysis, and streaks.

Cons: Nutritional input included isn’t verified by the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA), or the Nutrition Coordinating Center’s Food and Nutrient Database (NCC) which are both used by the scientific community to professionally verify data.

Available on iTunes, GooglePlay. Free Basic App, Premium Services Cost $8.49 Monthly, $16.99 for a Three Month Subscription, and $39.99 for a Year’s Service.

Calorie Counter by FatSecret

Over 35 million people use the FatSecret brand of nutritional Apps. The expansive and supportive community help members lose weight three times faster than those that battle the bulge alone. The Calorie Counter by FatSecret App has all the standard features including a food diary, nutritional information, exercise diary, recipes, mobile calorie-counter, weight journal, and most importantly counts net carbohydrates.

The Calorie Counter by FatSecret App is the best weight loss App for travelers. The App tailors the nutritional profiles based on what country you’re located in. The App has information for 30 countries all over the world which provide correct calculations for your location. The comprehensive list of food information from worldwide restaurants and chains means that you don’t have delay your goals while touring the historic sites in the United Kingdom or France.

Pros: Tailored regional nutrient profiles make sorting out dinner while abroad super easy. The Calorie Counter by FatSecret offers an extensive database where you can directly scan your item, and the App tracks your information. The App provides up to four different Macro types and provides a monthly summary.

Cons: While nutritional information submitted by users is highlighted to possibly illustrate inaccurate data, there’s no automatic capability in the App to verify the user-submitted data.

Available on iTunes, GooglePlay. $2.99 to purchase the Basic App.

My Fitness Pal Calorie Counter

Millions of people rely on My Fitness Pal to meet their health and weight loss goals. The App provides tools to track your daily nutrition, weight loss, water intake, and exercise record and allows users to store their information for an extended period.

The social media infrastructure and easy to use features make My Fitness Pal the go-to App. There’s a wealth of health-related articles, tips, and videos to help explain diet and health snafu’s and it’s a snap to infer data from other sources like Fitbit or Nike Run with the My Fitness Pal App.

Pros: My Fitness Pal is very popular, and you’ll find many like-minded people through the social media section of the App. The database is vast and can be tailored to suit which nation you’re located in during the collection of your macronutrient information.

Cons: A lot of the nutritional information found on the My Fitness Pal App has been added by other users. There’s no way to verify that this data is correct. Also, many foods aren’t included in the database. It may take an extended period of time to accumulate the information before the App is streamlined for use.

Available on iTunes, GooglePlay. Premium Services Cost $9.99 Monthly Subscription or $49.99 for a Year’s Service.

About The Keto Diet

The Ketogenic Diet was established to help children suffering from painful seizures associated with Epilepsy primarily.

The Keto diet requires food sources to be high fat, moderate protein, and minimal levels of carbohydrates. A Ketogenic diet is different from most diets in that carbohydrates are converted to glucose and used as fuel for your body.

A Keto diet forces your body to burn fat which enables the liver to turn fatty acids into ketone bodies which travel through the brain and stand-in for glucose as the source of energy. The presence of Ketone bodies in the brains prevents seizures. Studies have shown Epileptic children reduce their seizure episodes by 50 percent while following a Ketone diet.

However, tracking carbohydrates, macro and micronutrients can be a hassle.

Lori Ballen is a certified Keto Coach who helps others lose weight through the ketogenic diet. After shedding 50 pounds in 6 months, she became passionate about helping others. She Created a Keto Course based on her personal experience.

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