Are 5-Hour Energy Shots Keto Friendly?

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Are 5-Hour Energy Shots Keto Friendly?

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5-Hour energy drinks are “keto diet-friendly” in the sense that they fit inside your macros and contain no carbohydrates or sugar. 

The primary ingredients in the majority of popular 5-hour energy drinks are caffeine and B-vitamins. Someone who lives a ketogenic lifestyle would likely pass on these due to the artificial ingredients.

Most keto lifestyles focus on organic foods and avoid synthetic ingredients like caffeine in 5-hour energy shots.

The Ingredients

Caffeine is not a carbohydrate, so it does not influence your blood sugar or insulin. 

B-vitamins are water-soluble vitamins that are excreted through urine, which means if you take too much of them, they will go through your system. 

They also do not contain any sugar alcohols, which can affect blood sugar levels.

The primary ingredients in 5-hour energy drinks are B-vitamins and caffeine.

5 Hour Energy Shots contain B vitamins which can help give your body energy throughout the day, but that is just about it. 

And since most Americans already receive an excess of B vitamins from their diets, taking more will have little to no effect on your energy levels.

After your body becomes accustomed to caffeine, it will stop having the same effects. 

Think of caffeine like any other drug. The more you take it, the less it can affect you (that is why there are limits on how much coffee someone can buy at one time).

Are 5-Hour Energy shots Healthy?

5-Hour Energy Shots are not a healthy source of energy. They lack several vital vitamins and can lead to many health problems.

Yes, 5-Hour Energy Shots do fit your macros, but they’re not exactly great for you on a ketogenic diet. Not only do they have a lot of sugars, but they also contain synthetic caffeine and sweeteners.

The synthetic caffeine used in 5-Hour Energy Shots is made from guarana, an unproven supplement linked to prostate cancer and other health problems.

Sucralose and Ace-K are the two of the most popular artificial sweeteners in 5-Hour Energy Shots, and both can cause insulin spikes.

On top of all that, the synthetic caffeine found in 5 Hour energy is enough to wonder if it’s healthy.

If you’re looking for a shot of energy, stick with exogenous ketones, which will get you the same results without any of the other harmful ingredients found in 5-Hour Energy shots.

The Verdict

5-hour energy drinks do contain caffeine and B vitamins, which are keto-friendly ingredients. There is nothing beneficial about taking 5-hour energy shots if you are trying to lose weight or become healthier. Be wary of the marketing schemes used by companies to make their product seem more beneficial than it is.

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